What can RsC offer clients?

  • RsC can offer a client a choice of Bosnian consultants with a postgraduate degree specific to the terms of reference of any project review or evaluation and relevant work experience.
  • RsC offers top consultants with demonstrable skills and experience in M&E and quality assurance on company level.

International expert consultants currently resident in B&H and experienced in M&E are responsible for quality assurance process ensuring RsC services match international best practices and quality in terms of transparency, process and outputs.

RsC also offers:

  • Individual(s) to join an international consultancy company on a bid for M&E work – RsC also offers management services to facilitate the consultancy
  • The training of a few consultants selected by a client to undertake M&E and/or project cycle management specific to the client organisation
  • M&E capacity building as part of continuing professional development for staff of client organisations, government offices etc
  • RsC management services and business support for any international consultancy company to facilitate their work in-country
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